Providing premium medical consumables for aesthetic professionals. We have brought to the market a broad range of high-quality consumables and devices designed to meet the intricate needs of doctors and nurses who preform in cosmetic injectables. From medical nitrile gloves to dermal filler cannulas and meso needles, our comprehensive line of consumables is built for excellence, a range that features an unmatched combination of quality and design, whilst also maintaining an affordable price. 

Our signature product is the nitrile gloves which are available in three distinct thickness levels, providing a tailored fit for every practitioner's preference.


  • Black Gloves (5.5g HEAVYWEIGHT): These are the heaviest gloves in our range, offering ultimate protection without compromising on sensitivity.
  • White Gloves (4g LIGHTWEIGHT): These gloves offer more flexibility and are often compared to standard latex gloves in terms of feel, but they are completely latex-free.
  • Pink Gloves (3.5g SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT): The lightest in our range, these gloves provide a minimal barrier, making them perfect for assessing product placement and skin texture.

Quality and Compliance

At Aesthetic Pro, we take manufacturer compliance seriously. All our medical devices and consumables are ISO and CE approved, ensuring they meet the highest international standards. Additionally, our products are listed on the ARTG as medical devices, guaranteeing that you can trust in our safety and efficacy.

Commitment to Excellence

We continuously strive to innovate and improve our range to meet the evolving needs of the aesthetic industry. By choosing Aesthetic Pro, you are selecting products that embody quality, precision, and reliability.





  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001
  • EN455


If you are a Medical / Beauty Supply Business and are interested in selling our range, we would love to hear from you!


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